Thursday, June 30, 2011

inspiration workshop with Gussy Sews

this week is my first to link up to Gussy's Inspiration Workshop and i'm SO EXCITED about this week's prompt!  here it is from Gussy herself:

This week's prompt is the PERFECT BATHROOMOh, the PERFECT BATHROOM, I could go on for days about what I would want that to be {but you will just need to wait for my post next Thursday *wink*}. As a tease, I dream of a spacious space with snuggly soft towels and beautiful colors. What would your PERFECT BATHROOM look like? Do you already have a PERFECT BATHROOM -- what does that look like?

how amazing that the prompt this week was the perfect bathroom as we are planning out our very own bathroom remodel here at the catie and co. house?  pretty stinkin' perfect if you ask me!  i've already started and shared my pinterest boards for our bathroom and kitchen remodels, so some of these images you've seen already...but hopefully there are a few new ones!

i love the vanity and built-ins.  this bathroom just screams, "come on in and stay a while, fill the tub and sip on a glass of wine."  the bench and storage above is great and i love how they lowered part of the vanity to accomodate for the window, but it looks intentional.  and i'm loving white cabinets right now, i'm hoping for a while vanity in my future bathroom!

great use of space and the sinks are amazing.  i love the window greenhouse space and the bead board wainscot brings the whole look together.

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

i love the tile in this shot.  the mirror is pretty amazing, as well!

this one just makes me smile.  i will indeed have this quote somewhere in my new bathroom.  :)

so what about you?  what would you pick as the perfect bathroom?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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