Sunday, June 26, 2011

loving local foods

it's no secret that i am a huge fan of vegetables.  like HUGE fan.  my mom always thought it was weird that her kids ate them, but i suppose some of that may be spurred by the fact that she has weird kids.

at least i own up to it, right?

pssst....this is my favorite one!

in case you wanted to know.

moving on...

my affinity for vegetables and fruits usually leads me to my local farmer's market (my favorite one is this one).  which is fine, it gets me through the start of summer before my tiny garden starts to produce.  at least i hope it produces, i planted really late this year due to a weirdly cold spring in our area.

i promise there is a point to this, really.

the other day, while perusing the Eagle online, i stumbled across the Keeping the Plains article about community gardening in Wichita.  i have to be honest, i didn't know that community gardening was so popular in Wichita!  yeah, sure, we have a pretty solid agricultural base here.  my husband even designs tractors for a living (not really, he's working on a loader project right now, but the point is he works where OTHER PEOPLE design tractors).  and there are a TON of small family farms and dairies right outside the city.  love local food posted this morning that the Eagle posted an interactive map with locations of community gardens throughout the city and while clicking through them, i was impressed to see how many there were in the downtown area.  a couple of them do focus on helping women or people in need.  a lot are in development at this point in time and i'd love to see some of them blossom into a children's garden where proper nutrition is taught while teaching valuable gardening skills.

i'm so excited for our little city!  i can't wait to see what develops in the coming years.

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  1. I didn't think it was weird that you guys liked vegetables, cause I put them in front of you so often you had no choice. I just always thought it was a bit odd that both of your favorite was asparagus. Not normally a veggie that kids like. I just fixed it a lot, and thought you probably ate it out of self defense.


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