Friday, May 3, 2013

weekly wrap up

i swear i'm really going to try to be better about posting. i'm going to have more time off work here pretty soon, so hopefully that will help!

this is only about, oh...five days late. :/

sunday (actually saturday, but counted as my long run):

ran 11.2 miles

prairie fire half marathon preview run! i am in love with the new course! i did get lost and cut off about two miles, but almost everyone did so i don't feel that bad. i know on race day i'll have people to follow. :)

this was also in conjunction with a run for boston. we had a moment of silence before the run, had a great bike lead with an american flag and had gaterade donated for afterwards. great event!


ran 4.8 miles with firefly training group

legs felt really fresh and awesome even after a long run on sunday. my nike+ even says that i PRed my 5k ceremony.


hot yoga

lots of hip openers and strengtheners. excellent after a few hard runs.


rest day - lots of foam rolling ensued


2.5 interval run in the AM

training group was cancelled and i tried my damnedest to do an interval run in the morning at the Y. it was rough.

2.1 interval run in the PM

got home and had my new Pro Compression socks in the mail! had to hit the road and try again. it was FABULOUS! i love how getting new gear completely changes your outlook on life!


3.22 mile run through KC

i had a couple of meetings for work in KC and ran with my brother and coworker between them. love a change of pace and scenery every once in a while. :)


rest day - if you call driving home from KC hungover and then working on the rental house ALL DAY a rest day.


i'll probably be back tomorrow with this week's wrap up! i have a race sunday morning and want to try to come home right away and do a race recap. 

wish me luck!

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  1. Do your best, Catie! I know you will. We will be "watching".

    Love you, Mom


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