Saturday, May 4, 2013

another weekly wrap up

i sound like a broken record, but this week was another rough one at work.


11 mile long run

i tried to run the prairie fire course again on my own...and got lost again! i really can only hope that i'm near a group when i hit that corner.

outdoor yoga!

there was a "food trucks in the park" event for the kansas food bank and you got a free yoga class with food donation. i LOOOOOOOVED it! and another yoga teacher is talking about making outdoor classes a regular occurrence. LOVE!


4.7 miles with training group

another group run, another 5k PR! followed it up with a hot yoga express class after.


hot yoga

i thought i might die that night. super hard class. but it was so needed to distract myself from work crap.


3.5 mile tempo run at Great Plains Nature Center

i had the day off work and accidentally slept in and missed training group and yoga this morning. whoops. ran mid morning at a park and it was HOT and HUMID. WHEW!

since it was firefly's second birthday, they had free classes all day! i hit up my normal instructor's class at the east side location and got good and sweaty. yoga love.


rest day


umm.....accidental rest day


3.21 mile shake out run

last training group run before the half tomorrow! man, we were flying! another 5k PR (26:48) and apparently the fastest mile i've ran since i started using Nike+ (8:00)

followed it up with a full session of hot yoga.

so ready for my race!

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