Monday, April 22, 2013

weekly wrap up

stupid crazy busy week. and the week before! guess that means you get to skip a week. ;)


hot yoga express class (45 minutes) at firefly east.

there was a kathryn budig workshop going on, so classes at my west location were cancelled. hit up a class on the east side for the first time. completely different vibe! still excellent!


traveled to the dallas area for work and walked all over a building we designed down there. about 12 miles of walking total + the boston bombings meant i was emotionally and physically drained. no run for me.


traveled all day, but hit up hot yoga (75 minute class). bruised my triceps something FIERCE attempting flying pigeon. still loved every second of it.


firefly training group and it was SO. COLD.

it was raining and we started late, so we cut the normal loop short and ended up at about 4.28 miles.

followed it up with some hot yoga express.


easy 3 miles on the elliptical at home.


30 minute tempo run:

5 min. @ 11 min./mi. 
10 min. @ 10 min./mi. 
5 min. @ 9 min./mi. 
5 min. @ 8 min./mi. 
5 min. @ 10 min./mi.


prairie fire half marathon spring course preview! 11.25 miles

loved the new course! unfortunately, i got a little lost (most of us did...) and i missed an entire two mile portion of the course. WHOOPS!

can't wait for the race in two weeks!


  1. I thought I commented on this post yesterday, but I don't see it now. Great job on the PR, Catie, we love reading about your weeks!

  2. It sounds like you had a great week and got in a lot of quality workouts. Nice job!


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