Tuesday, January 11, 2011

vlogging bandwagon

i bet you all thought i was going to post my dialect vlong...didn't you?  a couple of girls i still follow from my weddingbee obsession have done it and i really want to.  but, i seem to have come down with a cold, so i guess you'll just have to wait!  maybe i'll be back to normal tomorrow...

instead, i'm going to post a picture of my kitchen wall, because i'm still in love with it.  sorry, facebook friends, i've already posted a few things about my kitchen...you'll live.

here's the new wall!  sorry, no before picture, but just imagine a huge yellow wall and those two small framed prints (you can't see them in the image, but they are route 66 painting prints) and....well...that was it.  i got the white floating shelves on the clearance spot at target about 8 months ago and finally whined enough that kyle put them up for me.  thanks, hubby!  everything else i already had, but it had been waiting for the shelves to be put up.  I LOVE IT!  for now i just have some milk glass that i don't really love on the shelves (kyle thinks we should test the "strength" before i put anything up there i don't want to break) well, that and all my good milk glass is still out in kyle's dad's shed.  under his boat.  i'm sure he loves that.

does anyone else think that that nasty putty colored lower half of the wall is just screaming to be painted white?  no?!?!  just me?  damn.

also of note in this picture: the recipe sorter from my 50s housewife themed bachelorette party (thanks, erin!), the vintage pyrex (it's an obsession of mine) was a bridal shower present and the three handmade pot holders hanging from the nail on the door into the pantry.  two crocheted from my "aunt" alice's funeral and one was hand stitched by my boss.  i have a matching apron she made me, too!  in my wedding colors!  it's so nice to have crafty coworkers, they make me neat stuff.

i also got my seeds started!  i have lemon basil, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber and curly parsley.  i love them in these custard cups i found at a thrift store for a buck fifty for all four!  the one at the end i already had from college, no clue where it came from, probably goodwill.  :)

a better view.  as you can see, i had to sort them by container color.  it had to be symetrical.  i'm such a nerd. all of these seed kits were from the target dollar section marked down to 50 cents.  i bought them out of most of the stuff and gave half of what i bought to my mom!  the instructions say to only plant 5-10 seeds per min pot, so i reserved the rest to throw in the garden this year and we'll see which does better.  all of the sudden i'm wishing for summer.  probably has something to do with my empty produce basket hanging in the picture.
and one final thing, hopefully you'll see my photography skills improve soon...kyle is getting me a dslr camera for my birthday!  we're waiting to find *JUST* the right deal, but i'm hoping that is soon.  anyone have any recommendations?  i'm leaning towards a canon rebel right now, because a lot of my favorite craft bloggers use a rebel and they have amazing photographs.  (clearly, i know it's not just the camera that takes the photos, i will be practicing and possibly taking a class to get a little bit better.)  kyle's leaving for slovakia for work at the end of the month and it would be great to be able to play around with it while he's gone to keep my mind busy with other things!

*note - i think i'm just going to start posting house updates on this blog from now on, we just don't do enough to have an entire blog just for that.  maybe someday when we have 15 rentals and a house in the country, but for now, half a rental and a messy house in the city just isn't cutting it.  :)

**second note - so maybe tomorrow i'll get around to posting my sketchup model of the renovations we have planned?  maybe...we'll see.  not sure i'm ready to throw that one out into the universe in case for some reason it doesn't come true.  i would be sad.

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