Tuesday, January 25, 2011

honeymoon road trip: day 5

so after you read my super long rework of day 3 and then day 4, i'm sure you are super excited to read about day 5.  (did i warn you this was an 11 day trip?  i didn't?  worry.)

i'll keep day 5 pretty short for ya...mmmmkkkay?

when wondering around the square on day 4 we saw a bus tour that left from the square and went around the city.  it sounded like a good time to us, so we decided to catch it the next day if we could.

we arrived and asked about the tour, which was apparently completely full.  but not everyone had shown up, so the trolley guy told us to hang around and see if there were some people that didn't make it.

we lucked out and boarded the ABQ trolley with these fun people (and a few more, obviously, that weren't in the picture):

why, yes, we did happen to be the youngest two passengers by about OHHHH, 25 years.  what can you do?

in case you are in the ABQ sometime, take this tour, i promise it is a really great time.

i promised i'd keep it short, so here's a few of my favorite pictures/buildings of the tour:

did you know albuquerque is where a ton of movies are filmed?  i didn't either.  apparently this is tim allen's house in the movie wild hogs.  haven't seen it.  everyone else on the bus had.  does that tell you something about the movie?  :)

i can't find the picture of this that i really loved, but albuquerque is the only place in the whole USA where route 66 crosses route 66.  evidently, a long time ago, one of the mayors tried to reroute route 66 through downtown albuquerque and now there is the "old 66" and the "new 66" and they intersect.

this used to be the high school for the city, but is currently sitting empty.  they guys giving the tour went there to school.  they were probably about 35 or so.  jealous, i would have loved to go to a school that didn't look like a prison in the middle of a wheat field....

i'm not kidding, you wanna see where i went to school?

sorry, i'm far too lazy to crop this out right now.  can you see it?  yeah, that's where i went to school....

ps - why are there no images on the internet of my school?  i had to go to street view in google docs to get this.  boring.

and here is the lovely view of across the street.  guess what that is?  yeah, it's a wheat field.

you thought i was kidding, didn't you?

moving on...

this is architect Bart Prince's house.

that. is. awesome.

he bought the lot next to him and this is his studio.
this. is. also. awesome.

alright, enough boring you with pictures from the bus tour...after the tour we had a late lunch and set off on our longest drive of the trip to scotsdale, from albuquerque, new mexico to flagstaff, arizona.

ohmygawd it was a long ass drive.

but i did realize a life long dream of mine when kyle pulled off in winslow, arizona so i could stand on a corner!

what a great husband he is!

and then we drove on and on (and on and on) to flagstaff.  got in SUUUUUUPER late and i slept like a rock.

it was cold.  and raining.  (in case you wondered.)

(did you catch that foreshadowing?  or should i say forecasting?!?)

i crack myself up.

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