Monday, January 10, 2011

random fri....monday?

*sheepishly looks around*

ummm...hey guys!  it's been a while...i know.  bad blogger.  know what though, i had a bit of a rough holiday break.  i was sick for four day, everyone.  FOUR DAYS!  and not like normal sick, like the plague sick.

ok, it wasn't really that bad, but i i had the flu (again) and it sucked.

at this point in time i would like to thank my HR representative at work for scheduling our free flu shots during my honeymoon....awesome.

anyway, a bit of a random friday monday for you all, because i know you are dying to know my innermost thoughts.  as usual.


i got some awesome christmas and birthday presents...what about you?!?  did you have a good christmas this year?  honestly my favorite part about christmas isn't the presents, it's the people.  i like being around both k and i's families and it's just nice to sit around and enjoy people's company.  awwww...i'm so sweet.

i don't really have a favorite christmas present this year, i asked for a lot of useful stuff, which i love and of course, will use.  duh.  the one that's been used the most is my new wireless printer.  it's great!  i can just stay sitting on the couch and click print and the thing PRINTS!  FROM! THE! COUCH!


good god, that makes me sound ridiculously lazy.  which i am.  lazy.  in case you wondered.


i got a nike + for my ipod from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  which i plan to use.  soon.  really, i promise.  i calibrated it last night by walking in circles around my house.  entry way to living room to kitchen, up and over the stairs and back to the entry way.  walked a whole .1 miles and was done.  yay, me!


this will only be funny to all the Community fans out there.  kyle says the most hilarious things without even meaning to.  at least, i think they are funny.  and when he says something that is hilarious, i always say, "that's totally going on facebook."  over break he laughed and said i should start a "HairyHusbandSays" Twitter in the Community episode where Troy tweets everything that Pierce says and under the "OldWhiteManSays" feed.

i'm seriously contemplating it.  i would tell you whatever hilarious thing that it was what he said, but i can't even remember now what it was.  i was in the shower or i probably would have written it down.


i just remembered it!

HH "you know that show 30 rock from the sun?"
C "3rd rock from the sun?"
HH "yeah, that one."
C "what about it?"
HH "wasn't that the guy that was in 365 days of autumn or something?"
C *silence*
HH "right?  that's the guy?"
C "you mean 500 days of summer?" *laughs hysterically*
HH "well it wasn't THAT funny."


i gotta be honest, it's not that funny now that i see it written out.  meh, what can you do.


anyone else get loads of snow!?!?  i love snow.  until i have to drive to work in it.  blech.


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