Tuesday, January 12, 2010

you know you're old when...

...you ask for things that you NEED instead of things that you WANT for christmas (or hanukkah, kwanzaa, whatnot...)

but isn't it great when the things that you need ARE the things you want?!?!  it's freaking sweet!

for example, last night i made cookies with the cookie sheets my mom gave me for christmas.  awesome.  they didn't stick!  i asked for them when i was on the phone with her baking cookies for my work that i was having to scrape the stupid things off the sheets i have now.  wilton rocks my socks off.  love them.

also, i broke out the cricut today.  it's so easy!  i asked for it because i wanted to do stuff for the wedding, but i've already had someone at work ask me to do decals for her son's room!  i'm thinking i could totally start doing this on the side.  now i'm going to ask for some tools for it for my birthday from my mom, i see the usefulness of them now!  the cartridges are pretty pricey, so i want to invest in a program called sure cuts a lot (nice name, huh?) because i already have a TON of fonts that i have from school and doing digital boards so i don't see the point in buying cartridges with fonts on them, i'll just get some of the shapes maybe.  anyone else have one?  any suggestions?  and please don't say get the expressions, because i don't think i'm ready to invest another 200 bucks in that quite yet....

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  1. I asked for new cookware for Christmas and have had so much fun using it, too! We are so old. ;o)

    The Cricuts are HUGE in Utah. Everyone uses then for scrapbooking, but TONS AND TONS of people use it for decorating as well. I have a few vinyl decals in my house. (In my defense, I didn't realize how popular they'd become. I don't want my house to look like everyone else's.) But the sayings I have on the walls are not common, so that helps.

    I don't have a lot of advice for you, since I don't personally own one, But I am jealous! You could TOTALLY make it a business.


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