Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i think of my life and how it would look like on a blog.

seriously.  do you guys think of situations that you get yourself into and think, "now this will be an AWESOME post!"

and then you totally forget what the heck it was that you were going to blog about.

that happened to me today.


i guess that's it.

except i got a bunch of stuff for the wedding at goodwill tonight.  i love goodwill.  seriously, who doesn't love goodwill?  i love their mission and the fact that i can buy vases for my wedding for 50 cents to a dollar.  HOLLA.  that's right, all my vases and decorations are going to be "found" items.  or vintage.  whatever you want to call it.  

i should talk more about the wedding on here.

because i'm pretty sure that everyone at work is getting real tired of me talking about it every five minutes.  it's not that i'm obsessive, but it's like everything they talk about reminds me of something that i need to do.

let's see....what can i tell you about it so far....

1. it's sept. 25th at 7 pm, around sunset and it's the observance of the fall equinox in wichita, ks.  it was kind of a coincidence that it's on that day, but i like it.  half day, half night.  complete opposites, just like kyle and i.  also about the equality in our relationship.  the real reason it's that date is because it didn't interfere with corn harvest, wheat harvest, boating season or ksu football.  and then stupid bill snyder had to go and change the game to a home game.  at least my parents are still planning on showing up.  not so sure about my little brother.  i wouldn't put it past him.
2. it's at the exploration place in wichita.  love that building.  i wanted something that had large windows, was kid friendly and made an architectural statement.  i think i found it there!  i love it.  we went last weekend and it just reminded me what a FUN building it is!  we are holding the wedding in the grand hall and are also getting two of the exhibits!  they were surprisingly cheap to rent compared to the actual space.  :)
3. my colors are light aqua (think tiffany blue) and cherry red.  super excited about that!  leads to the next things...
4. it's going to have a retro/vintage feel.  i think my colors really lead me to that.  i love the 40s and 50s, so that's sort of the era i'm going for.  i've started purchasing my decorations ( already read that...) i'm doing milk glass vases with red flowers and blue mason (or bell or whatever) jars with votive candles in them for the tables and planning on making some cake stands out of plates and candlesticks (more on that later...) and of course making my own invites, etc.

that's all i can really think of right now.  i'm sure i'm missing stuff, but i'm kind of tired and honestly, who really read this whole post anyway?!  

thanks if you did.  :)


  1. LOVIN the colors. It'll be hot.

    I totally think of things in terms of the blog. Like the whole trip to Wichita. I was honestly in that freaky hotel room thinking, "I wish I could blog right now!!"

  2. Catie--we read some great books as sophomores, huh? I loved Ms. Hall. I'm actually friends with her on facebook. I couldn't remember if we watched it in her class or not. It might not be rated R, but they say the F word like 5 times. Not a big deal, but I'm pretty sure Ms. Hall skipped those parts. :o)

  3. p.s. if you link your blogger account to your e-mail, I can just e-mail you back after comments!!


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