Friday, January 8, 2010

i'm a follower

yes, i'm jumping on a bandwagon.  sigh.  i know, right?  it is so not me.

relax though, it's just a small bandwagon.  so small it's just one word.

that's right, i'm joining the millions of others that are not making a new year's resolution, but instead, having a new year's word.

and mine is...perspective.

boring, right?  i know, but it sounds much worse than i mean, you see.

i'm not going to find a different perspective of myself, but actually the environment around me.  you see, i'm not a big idea person, i'm a details person.  (what can i say, it's a necessity in the architectural world.  i found my niche, for shiz.)  and what a lot of people don't understand is that when you are a details person, you can't really see the big picture until you step back.  and then when i do step back, i'm all like, "what the crap?  that is totally not what i was going for."

still not getting it?'s some examples.

we had a new year's party here, right?  i'm pretty sure i mentioned it.  anyway, we did.  it was a housewarming/birthday/engagement/new year's party and we had a bunch...okay 20, so not that much...of people over.  and new year's was over a week ago.....aaaannnndddd...i still have a kitchen chair, a bowl of "fancy" m&m's, three completely burnt out candles, and an entire bar set up in my living room.  complete with mixers, wine, liquor and citrus fruits.  

yeah, i just realized that today.  

but do i care?  not really.  you know why?  

my books are all in alphabetical order on my bookshelves, i've got all my plates and cooking equipment stacked in order of size, my cans and boxes of food are all group first by type (veggies, fruit, etc.) and then in alphabetical order, and my closet it organized by type of clothing then length of leg/arm/dress, and then by color.

oh and i cleaned my fridge out last night.  like with soap and water and sponge cleaned.

i know.  i have a problem.

so, perspective.  here's to making lists and actually FOLLOWING THROUGH with them.  starting a project and actually FINISHING IT instead of worrying about the font i want to use.  CLEANING MY HOUSE without stopping to repaint the tiny spot of paint that chipped off of something.

here's to changing some perspective in my life.

do YOU have a word?  tell me about it, let's take on 2010 together!

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