Friday, October 16, 2009

random friday...once again!

sorry for the lack of posts this week...i've been super busy with IIDA, a professional organization i'm in.

the wichita city center, which i'm a committee member of, had a large fundraising event last night!  i'm pretty sure that it went well, but i'm SOOOOO exhausted!  it was a masquerade/trivia night/dance/gala thing.  anyway.  i have some great pictures, but i'm too lazy to upload them right now.  so, i guess you'll just have to wait!  :)


we finally hung some pictures up in the house!  it's starting to look like home, instead of just some place we sleep every night.  the boxes are slowly being unpacked...mostly because we haven't been able to get up on the roof.

this unfortunately will be changed because we'll be getting back up on the roof tomorrow morning.  boo.

that's probably a good thing though, the sooner it gets done, the sooner i don't have to get up on there any longer.


we've narrowed down our halloween costume!  and no, i'm not going to tell you what it is...but i will give you a clue!

i bought a skirt very similar to this one today at old navy (holla, $4.50!!  it's 50% extra off of all women's clearance and i had a 10% the entire sale coupon from the website.)  it's part of my costume.  

let the guessing begin!

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