Monday, October 5, 2009

ksu v. isu

the boyfriend and i tagged along with my parents to the k-state/iowa state showdown this past weekend.  it was held at the kc chief's stadium and it was a BLAST!  we tailgated with my (not so) little brother and his 7 roommates ( read that right, 8 boys, one house, can you imagine?  yuck.) and most of their families.  needless to say we had a LOT of food.  and it was delish.  mom's corn dip = heaven.  (and i don't even like corn!)

and the game was even pretty good, too!  granted, it looked like a couple of high school teams out there...neither is so hot this year.  fumble after fumble after interception and we even threw out a few new plays that didn't even have a quarterback in them...because he's THAT BAD.  so sad.  but the 'cats pulled through and won with a blocked extra point in the last minute of the game!  it was SO exciting and just reminded me how much i LOVE football!


here's a few pictures from the game.  we ran into an old friend of kyle's from manhattan and hung out with him for most of the second half.  he lives in iowa now and came to the game with some isu fans, he apparently got sick of being with them and decided to come hang out with the cool kids.

k and i at the game.  he even wore purple!

the view from our seats.  isu and ksu will play two years in a row at arrowhead stadium.  iowa state was home this year, k-state will be home next year, but still in kc.

 mom and dad partaking in some fun activities.  aren't they cute with their little headsets?  i think mom got tired of dad not talking to her during the games (they have season tickets to both football and basketball), so she got her own set to match him.  :)

some blackhawk's from fort riley (near manhattan, ks) buzzed us.  kyle said it was the coolest part of the game.  i beg to differ, the blocked field goal was.

k's buddy zach.  they used to work at cat together.  zach now works at john deere in waterloo, iowa and spent most of the game making fun of kyle's hat.  apparently it's not cool to wear cat stuff when you don't work there anymore.  i guess i need to invest in some agco gear for him!

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