Monday, October 19, 2009


...if i could be ANYTHING else in the world, what would it be?  i mean, other than an interior designer that spends most of her spare time explaining the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator...

a wrapping paper designer.

but, i also would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be an event planner.  which is (kind of) what i get to do every once in a while with a professional organization i'm involved with, IIDA.  we had an event last thursday (that i'm still recovering from...well...maybe that was saturday night out for casey's know...) and i'm finally getting around to posting some pictures!

i was on the decorations committee.  one of my bestesteses friends, kara, is our fall events chair and a few of us got to gether and planned the decorations.  i really liked the way they turned out!

here's some pictures!!

cafe table set up!
(don't you LOVE the graphics?!?  kristen is awesome.)

 bigger table for eating.  m&m's we are awesome idea...i can't remember whose it was, but still, brilliant!

kara gathered branches from her parents house in newton and spray painted them.  who needs to pay for fancy branches?  not us, interior designers are "crafty."

speaking of kara, here's the awesome girl herself!
posing with the big mask for the "best mask contest."

and i GUESS i'll show a picture of myself all dressed up!  all this reminds me is how much i need to lose weight.  and look how pale i am.  and i swear my hair IS NOT that red in real life!  that's a lot of ands...

and this is monica!  i work with her and our dresses kind of matched, we had the same beading on them!

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