Friday, March 13, 2009

random friday

yo yiggity yo folks!

i'm so glad it's don't even know.

i'm taking a clue from the totally awesome and totally AMAYZING wonder woman and doing a random friday to get some stuff out of my head and into the world.


it took me SIX HOURS to do a floor pattern plan today at work.  first off, i was tired.  i couldn't sleep the night before and my friend jules was taking care of a very drunk friend of hers and kept texting me stories.  it was kind of funny.  but that's not the reason i couldn't sleep.  well, it could have been, i don't know what kept me up.  second, i had to completely redraw the dumb thing in revit.  i had it in autocad and i couldn't put it in the revit file (like i was told i could, and where it NEEDS to be for prints in four weeks) so i went ahead and just redrew the stupid thing.  irritating.  quit telling me incorrect information people.  it makes me not happy.

to be fair, i was distracted a lot.  our marketing guy came and talked to me for like a hour and a couple of architects had questions for me.  but the majority of the day was spent on my arse in front of the computer with autocad on one screen and revit on the other.


last night was an awesome night of television.   kath and kim, the office, 30 rock.  LOVED them all!

"i should have known marble in a can was too good to be true!"
-kathAY, kath and kim 


i gave kyle his birthday presents already.  i knew he couldn't wait until his real birthday so i gave in.  :)

pictures to come later.


go there and upload a's hilarious.

i'll upload some of mine sometime.  i'm too lazy right now.  :)




kyle found out today that they are having "temp layoffs" at cat for one week out of every month until june, possibly longer if they choose to do so.  SHEESH...does it ever stop?  this basically means that he won't get paid for a week each month.  thank god he has some savings because you guys know i don't.  :)


we are resuming the house hunt again tomorrow!  it's been on hiatus ever since i had a huge freakout when i didn't prequalify for a loan by myself.  

that $8000 tax break is calling my name!

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