Thursday, March 12, 2009

back? maybe...maybe...

so, i took a little bit of a break.  my true peeps will stay with me.  :)  i have faith in all of you.

but really, i took a break because i couldn't get on here and write anything somewhat happy.  for real.  i had an horrible experience at the park two weeks ago and i'm still dealing with issues from it.  the short story is that i was walking in the park and my dog may or may not have nipped at someone.  (there's not really any proof that he did it and that she didn't make the mark herself.)  it pinched her skin and didn't even break it, but she called 911 and of course the frickin' firemen came and then she insisted that they call the EMTs and then they came and then her friends insisted that they call the cops so they could report my dog.  poor nelson dog.  i know that it's scary if that kind of thing happens to you, but he's honestly never done anything like that and i told her he was up to date and that i would pay for her to go get her leg checked out.  she didn't speak english very well, so her friend was translating for me, but i think a lot was lost in translation.

no worries though, i was there legally, nelson was on a leash and the lady was just running past us going the other way.  he jumped over and (i thought) sniffed at her.  that is when she ran into the bathroom and came back out and showed me her wound.  i don't think she has much of a case if anything happens.  i hope.  unfortunately, the law always sides against the dog in these other words, the dog's owner.

anyway....nelson had to undergo a 10 day rabies quarantine at my vet's ($288) and i went and got him licenced with the city ($28).  i've also tried multiple times to get a hold of the family and have offered again to pay for her doctor's visit, but they haven't called me in almost two weeks.  i'm hoping the whole thing has blown over, but i'm not sure it's to hoping!

how have YOU been?


  1. I'd be worried, too. Not because you have a legitimate reason to worry, but because you don't know what will happen. Do you remember back around thanksgiving when some guy wanted us to pay for his hospital bill after jumping a fence to get to our dogs? (If you don't remember, it's not worth repeating.) Long story short, we never heard anything more from the guy. I think he realized how ridiculous it was -- I hope the same happens for you.

    About the flat iron -- a few years ago I had a somewhat expensive one. And the heat protection spray and the sleek and shine hair was still frizzy. (Mine's really wavy and kinda coarse, too.) So I appreciate the offer, but I don't think it would work. It's only like that right after the salon.

  2. Ugh, I hate stupid people. We had an issue with one of our neighbors saying that our Boxer attacked her Pomeranian and broke its leg - and she wanted us to pay for the vet bill. She came over (while we had a house full of company) cursing a blue streak and acting completely insane. The thing is - our dogs are NEVER off their leash, and her dog was always running into our yard....AND she would leave her itty bitty dog outside (where there is no fence, mind you) for HOURS at a time. She was a freaking idiot. Our dogs didn't do a damn thing.
    I am sure things will be fine - she doesn't have much of a "case" and I am pretty sure that she (and others) will realize the ridiculousness of her reaction. They probably haven't called you back because they realized they are idiots.


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