Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so i was reading postsecret this morning at work (lay off, i'm not busy at ALL and now that i'm doing studying the LEED exam, i have nothing to do.) and i thought this one:

...really hit home. i didn't even realize that i felt this way, in fact, i could really care less if i was engaged at this point. but, my grandmother has been getting progressively more ill over the past couple of years (she has alzheimer's and dementia) and she barely even recognizes anyone in the family anymore. but i adore her and my grandfather, and they really are getting up there in age...he's 95, she's 92... i think i didn't realize until i read this secret how much i want them BOTH to be a part of my wedding.

kudos to postsecret readers around the world on this one!


  1. I like this one, too. And the one about post-its in books to make someone's day better. And I thought the one about doing a republican was funny. =D

  2. Hey! I'm glad you won too! E-mail me at apriljdurham@gmail.com


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