Monday, November 10, 2008

i love my job.

i haven't posted in a while, sorry guys! but i thought i'd blog tonight about the one thing that i REALLY hate to take home with me...but sometimes i just can't help it! work.

as much as i complain about my job (and i do, you guys just don't hear about most of it. but that's for another blog on another day...), there are parts of it that i absolutely LOVE!! and i think that the main thing that i love about it is how jealous kyle is of my perks.

which is what i'm going to blog-brag about right now...the perks of being an interior designer, all of which revolve around product reps.

1. product reps (representatives) come and see us all the time. we have short little 30 minute meetings and they show us the latest in their lines...fabric, furniture, tile, wallcovering, whatever it is that they rep. this gives me a nice little break during the day and is just another 30 minutes that i don't have to stare at a computer screen. bonus. we usually have at least two reps in one week, unless we are super busy. this week we have five!

2. some reps (you get to know which ones after a while) will bring us goodies! usually it is muffins from places like panera (sugar sisters is my favorite, but you have to be a wichitan to know that one...and it's new, so you ex-wichitans probably won't know about it either...) another fav: connie's cookies! or they will bring us store bought goodies. this one rep, matt, always brings us starbucks. and he's addicted to coffee....i'm not kidding, he told me he drinks 6 cups a day and usually a couple of those are yeah, he's one of THOSE guys...

3. the reps (who are mostly based out of kansas city) come down about 4-6 times a year, and usually at least one time they come down out of the year, they will take us out for lunch, or bring us lunch, whatever they feel like doing. that's always awesome, because then you don't have to mutli-task with watching their presentation and eating at the same time.

4. the companies that they rep always have the coolest, newest marketing ideas. today, i got a maharam memory game. now that's pretty cool. another one i got that was cool was a christmas ornament made out of 3form.

5. sometimes (this is a pretty rare occasion...) they will take us out for drinks after work! this happened tonight!! perfect timing, because some of us younger designers were planning on going out anyway, and so we got some free ones instead...and we got appetizers, which is even better, because i didn't even need to eat anything when i got home. yum, yum, yum. we went to oeno which is a fun little wine bar in the old towne square area in wichita. which is where the young professionals all hang out.

so this post was slightly disjointed, but i think i got my point across! basically, i love to be spoiled, and reps spoil us on a regular basis! :)

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