Thursday, November 13, 2008


wonder woman did a blog on confessions and i just couldn't resist! i'm not going to tag anybody, but feel free to steal the idea as well...

- the real reason i changed my major from journalism to interior design was because of trading spaces. whoa, was i wrong.

- i haven't told anyone except for my boyfriend when i'm retaking the LEED exam. i tell everyone it's because i don't want pressure, but really it's because i'm afraid i'll fail. again.

- my favorite holiday is new year's eve. which is totally selfish, because it's my birthday. and it. is. the. best. birthday. ever.

- sometimes, i start fights. just because. not, like, fist fights, but verbal arguments. especially with kyle.

- i hate cleaning.

- i pay $100/month for digital cable and internet because i thought kyle would come and visit me more in wichita. it worked.

- with college loans and credit cards combined, it equals more than a year and a half of my annual salary. and i'm in no hurry to pay it off. i have my whole life to do that.

- i am very certian that i will get laid off soon due to the economy. don't ask why, because i can't tell you. i just have a feeling. and it sucks.

what are your secrets? tell me!

ps - this post reminds me of i LOVE!

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  1. I love post secret, too. You've totally turned me on to it. --I wondered why you weren't in journalism. If you do end up getting laid off (knock on wood) my dad works for the Eagle....he might be able to get you a job in the mailroom. =D But HGTV makes me want to be an interior designer, too.

    Good luck on the LEEDs. I must confess: it sounds so familiar, but I can't place what you take them for.

    Debt. Whatever. I'm hoping for a bailout.


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