Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a case of the mondays

(just a word of warning, this post got very wordy very quickly.)

yesterday was a such a weird day. it was truly a case of the mondays. and i'm not really one to complain a whole lot.

okay, that's a lie. i complain. i just usually complain to my husband because he can't escape me being annoying it doesn't bother him.


have you ever had one of those days that is so bad that it's actually comical? like it belongs on a sitcom or something? my day started out bad and pretty much just got hilariously worse from there.

we slept in a little, even joked a couple of times about "calling in sick" because we didn't want to go to work. (hey, it was monday.) but we finally got up and around and i left a little later than usual. i was driving our ford escape because our road is messed up from rain and our road grader doesn't know how to fix it is closed. we live a quarter of a mile off of a paved road, and since it's very muddy from recent rains i had to drive something that was 4 wheel drive.

i made it halfway to work before i posted this on my facebook feed:

that would be my extremely muddy escape in the foreground and the girl who hit me's car in the background. and a cop car.

oh joy.

after that mess was cleaned up and i was able to go to work, i had a fairly normal day at work. lots of talking to the insurance and explaining what happened but other than that, actually working. normal stuff.

i started to get sore, so i got a doctor appointment for the afternoon and left early to go get checked out. i left with some supplements and instructions to help me ease some of the soreness (i have whiplash, but just soreness other than that.)

i called kyle and headed home. about halfway there, i get a call from an insurance adjuster who wants to look at the car. i give him directions to our house and call kyle to warn him that the guy was coming that night to look at it.

oops. remember i said i needed 4 wheel drive? yeah. me neither. kyle reminded me and i called the guy back to see if he had it. nope. SO, we go into town to meet him. he looks at the car, cuts us the check and we're on the way back home. now THAT i cannot complain about. other than driving to town (2 miles) that's pretty awesome same day service.

so we get home, i made dinner while kyle works on the escape a bit. he basically took the bumper off and beat it into submission so i could at least get the hatch open if i wanted to.

kyle had mentioned making sure that we didn't have anymore birds in the attic. (what? i didn't tell you that story? uh, yeah, we found a couple of dead birds in the attic. well, the cat did anyway.) so i had ran up a couple of days before and low and behold there is a dead bird up there. i left it for him to clean up.

i am SO the wife of the year here.

so last night he asks me if i had picked up and i tell him that i hadn't. he goes up to check it out and i hear some noises from the first floor (the attic is technically our third floor) and i run up the stairs to see what the matter was and he says, "there's a bird up here!"

well, duh, i TOLD you there was one up there. "yeah, i know."

"no, a live one!"

oh, crap, i'm outta here!

he hands me the poor dead bird and i start to take it downstairs all the while complaining about the fact that i'm holding a gross dead bird. i grab him an old towel to catch the live bird with and he heads back upstairs to catch it while i clean up the kitchen from dinner.

and i honestly wish i had video of what transpired next...

kyle was still upstairs looking for the bird and i heard a noise in the living room. i called out for him thinking he was trying to put some shoes on to go outside or something. he didn't answer so i started walking across the dining room and into the hallway that leads to the living room and i saw our cat's tail. i keep walking and asking the cat what the heck he thought he was doing and i see the bird about a foot away from him laying on the living room floor.  

the bird had somehow made it all the way to the first floor and mow (our cat) was playing with it! then when i asked mow what he was doing and distracted him, the bird which had apparently been playing dead, looked at me then looked at mow and then flew off! it landed on the curtains in our office (which is connected to our living room) and mow was trying to scale them to get to it. when i walked in the office to get mow (all the while, i'm screaming at kyle that the stupid bird is DOWNSTAIRS) the bird took off and went between the couch and the wall in the living room. i ran upstairs to tell kyle that it was down there and he totally thought it was in the attic the whole time the cat was playing with it! 

it was hilarious!

the bird was stunned, but not dead. kyle took him outside and he flew off. i have a feeling that he won't be coming into our attic again! :)

if you made it to the end of this story, you are officially one of my new best friends. thanks for listening to my ramblings!


  1. Haha I had one of those days yesterday too...then I went jogging to clear my head and I got LOCKED IN THE PARK! (apparently it closed while I was jogging) and I had to wait in the dark for the cops to come let me out!

    1. holy crap! that sounds exactly like something that would happen to me! i mean, if i actually went jogging in parks. haha! :)


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