Thursday, November 10, 2011

inspiration workshop with gussy sews: dining room!

This week's prompt is {DINING ROOM}:
The holidays are here! I can hardly believe it. Halloween has come and gone. And now it's time to prep our homes. No matter what holiday you celebrate, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas -- maybe you create a mash-up?, many of them take place in the DINING ROOM. Which is why I thought DINING ROOM would be a wonderful prompt for {almost} mid-November. What does your DINING ROOM look like? What does your dream DINING ROOM look like? Is there an accessory or piece of furniture you have or have been eyeing for your DINING ROOM? Is it china or a silverware set? A distressed hutch or an interesting table set? Centerpiece or curtains? Maybe it's a favorite restaurant's DINING ROOM {tee hehe}.


this week's prompt was perfect timing for our household...we're in the midst of ripping up the dining room carpet and picking out new flooring!  actually, it's the dining room, kitchen and entry way...for some reference, here's what we're working with:

there is fairly new engineered hardwood in the kitchen.  it IS still available for sale, but it's super expensive.

this lovely patterned carpet in the dining room.  please note that it matches the wall paper in the kitchen. 

and yet another type of hardwood in the entry.  it's not the original, but it also doesn't match what's in the kitchen.  sigh.

i just ordered a few samples online of what i've been rolling around in my head...which one is your favorite?

hand scraped alder in a warm red finish

hand scraped bamboo in an espresso finish

strand woven bamboo in a dark red finish (looks like brazilian cherry)

distressed birch in a warm brown finish

this gorgeous cork

i have no idea how to choose.  ironic when i do this all day for a living, but when it's something that i'm choosing for my own house, i'm too chicken to just pick one.  i think i'm worried i'll end up hating whatever it is later and just blaming myself.


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. Obviously you prefer the cork, which is very pretty. These pictures are better than the ones on facebook, but I like dark woods so I really prefer the strand woven bamboo in the dark red (go figure) and the distressed birch, just because it "goes" with your house. You will pick just fine, and it will look wonderful.

    Love you!



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