Saturday, November 19, 2011

five friday faves RETURNS!

hip hip HOORAY!  it's time to get inspired again with one of the posts that i've ALWAYS looked forward to writing - five friday faves!

this is probably a bit of an odd thing to be inspired by, but hear me out before you write me off as a complete nut job!  ;)  {you wouldn't do that, would you?!?}  SO, our insurance policy is getting ready to change at the beginning of the year {SEE, i told you!  odd.}  and we're enrolling in a new program through kyle's work.  basically, it's a points program and really all you need to know is that you get "rewarded" with insurance benefits when you get in shape.  doing small things like recording our steps each day, recording when we work out and getting our BMI checked every year can help us earn points.  which is AWESOME!  and i fully admit that we are among the lucky to even have health insurance, so i'm more than happy to do a few small things!

so, that was a really long story to tell you that i've been focusing on getting health and especially targeting WHAT WE EAT.  it's no secret that my husband is a fan of hamburgers.  and i'm a HUGE fan of chipotle.  and that's fine.  in moderation, of course!  but, it was time to do something about our unhealthy diet.  food inc. changed my thinking when i first watched it two years ago {a bit, anyway.  i mean, i live in kansas.  in the country.  i see where my beef comes from every day.  that cow right out there.  see him?}  but i'm not stupid, i know mcdonald's doesn't come get a cow from across the way to butcher and serve up to wichitan's.

one thing i kept stumbling upon while researching healthy food and recipes was a concept called clean eating.  {and no, clean eating does NOT mean washing your food first.  i checked.}  the basic concept is that you eat WHOLE and unprocessed foods.  whole oats, whole grain bread, unprocessed sugar, grass fed beef, etc.  and i've found some wonderful sites that "clean up" food and provide some awesome recipes!  this weeks FFF's is a compilation of some that we've tried and a few i'm looking forward to trying and they've been BOTH catie and kyle approved!  that's saying something.  i'm picky and he's a meat and potatoes dude, it's hard to please us both, trust me.

this chocolate oatmeal sounds AHMAHZING!

strawberries are my very favorite fruit!

this site is one of my favorites! she has some awesome recipes! this was my latest trial and they were AWESOME! loved them.

i made this fried rice, but omitted the pork and added a lot more veggies. i was told to leave the sprouts out next time. kyle is not a fan. :)

and these turkey asian meatballs were fabulous. they will for sure be making an appearance in my kitchen again!

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