Friday, August 20, 2010

when the boy is away...

...the crafter will play!

so, probably something you don't know unless you have been one of the poor souls that has had to listen to me drone on and on about my wedding, is that i'm pretty much DIYing the shiz outta my wedding.  why?  because i love to craft.  and i love weddings.  and i'm cheap.  so why not?  :)

[that being said, i'm SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for the crew i have handling a lot of the projects that i took on and am now like, "holy crap, i'm getting married in almost insertnumberofdaysatthetime days and i don't have this insertrandomprojecthere done yet!"  they have SAVED MY ASS on a lot of this.]

more on the awesome people helping me out later, but i thought this was hilarious.  i found it via weddingsandcookies who found it via 100layercake (side note: how did i miss this?  damn you google reader and my ability to fly through super fast while trying to decide what to read!!!)  and it's totally appropriate being that i'm going to attempt to tackle over half of my "wedding to-do list" this weekend.

anyway...this is awesome.  and so true.  i needed this about, OOOOOOOOOH, 8 or so months ago.  but that's okay, i'll survive, thanks to my awesome crafting crew!  enjoy.

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