Friday, April 2, 2010

some more of "the good"

so i was looking through some more of my pictures and i decided that i just couldn't NOT show you some more of the dresses that i really liked.  so, without further ado, here are some more of the good dresses!

here's another one from kari lynn's in mcpherson.  my mom did a great job picking this one out!  i really loved the way it felt when i walked and it was so nice and simple.  unfortunately, it had about 15 layers of that silk chiffon and i was dripping with sweat, so i was worried about how hot it would be on my actual wedding day.  still loved the dress.  (have i mentioned how much i love corset backs?!?)

this dress was so sweet and simple, i really liked it a lot.  i loved the short train and the simple broach-like detail.  but, i seriously could not bring myself to pay how much they were asking for this dress.  i'm not even going to say how much it was, but just know that i would not buy it just because of the price.

ahhhhh...the pleated dress!  see how similar it is to one of the dresses from my last post?  i loved this dress for three reasons. 1. dotted swiss, what can i say, i ADORE IT! 2. the pleats!  hello, unexpected design element! and 3. the corset back.

this is the back of the dress. was really beautiful, but so incredibly formal.  way too formal for my casual wedding.  and truth be told, the lace was actually pretty itchy.  and the sample dress was torn, which made me weary of the strength of the lace.

another simple and sweet dress, imagine that!  i think you are probably seeing a trend here.  i like simple, lace and vintage looking.  the little ruffles are so cute and this dress is a maggie sottero ( her) but honestly, the shop i tried it on at just wasn't for me.  it had a scented HVAC system and since i'm allergic to pretty much any scent, i had a migraine for most of the time i was there.

OKAAAAYYYYY, i promise that is the last of the good's and next we are on to the bad's!!!

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