Monday, June 23, 2008

i love target

really, i do. i could shop there for HOURS on end! although today when i went, it was for specific stuff and i was on my lunch break, so it went quickly. my money went quickly, too! i was shopping for stuff for my new apartment. because, of COURSE, nothing of my old stuff will fit right in most places. actually, the only thing that i had to buy new was bathroom stuff. i also bought a message center for right when i walk in, mainly because i can hang my keys on it! haha. if you know me, you know i can never find my keys!!

here's the bath set i got. i LOVE it!

this is the shower curtain. obviously.

this is the awesome yellow rug i got.

and here is the black and chrome set that i got to go with it!

pictures of my place to come soon!


  1. Cute stuff. Love the mustard rug with the black and white. And I *definately* love target.

    And it's fun keeping in touch with all these people from high school. We were all in the same place in life for so long, it's interesting to see where everyone's paths have taken them.


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