Wednesday, June 25, 2008

greening my life.

i've always considered myself to be somewhat of an environmentalist. i'm not sure where i got this, maybe it was from my teachers when i was younger and learning all about Earth Day and things of that. or maybe it's that my friend's parents when i was younger were all hippies and they lived their lives somewhat "green". or at least, green for that time period. now that i'm older and i still feel the need to protect my planet, i (and possibly my friends and family) realize that this is not a phase that i'm going through, and i actually do care. either way, i signed up for this weight loss website a few weeks ago in some desperate attempt to restrict my diet by having to log it every day. (actually, it's working quite well, i've lost a few pounds because i don't want to eat things that are bad and have to log them and see how many calories are in ANYWAY, this morning i received my daily email from SparkPeople and it was titled "8 Ways to 'Green' Your Kitchen". so i open it out of curiousity, and saying to myself, "right, like they can tell ME ways to green my kitchen. i know everything about it already." and i was very surprised how informative i found the article! just goes to show that no matter how smart you are and how much you think you know about a subject, you can ALWAYS learn more!

if you are interested, here's a link to the website and article.

also, i've read a few books that are along these same lines (greening your life). so if you are interested, here are a few titles to dig around your local bookstore for...
biomimicry - all about how Nature got it right the first time and humans should follow in Her footsteps. and if you are a die-hard state of Kansas fan, most of it is about research done by a professor at Bethel College (Newton, KS)
cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things - this book has LOADS of info, but it is pretty dry in some spots. william mcdonough doesn't seem to have much of a knack for writing in a "fun" way. BONUS - the book is made of plastic, and they explain why in the first chapter (titled 'this book is not a tree'). so if you are like me and like to enjoy a book whilst in the bathtub, the book is completely waterproof. :)
the sustainability revolution - an interesting look into how sustainability has always been around and is not a "new fad" like everyone thinks.


  1. I like the idea of a plastic book for the bathtub! lol And I want the website for the food log! I mean, I know I could keep my own on paper, but I'd probably do better with more accountability.

    I don't really have a comment about going green. I think it's awesome that you're a "green" person. I just feel like it'll take a lot of work, or money. And I know there are easy ways to do simple things, I've just never gone out of my way to do them.

    i.e. It costs more money to recycle in Utah. Very few people have recylcing bins, and there aren't recycle centers at the grocery store. I don't even know where I would recycle anything but paper here. Bit ridiculous.

  2. awww, i love hearing that people think about me! haha. :)

    do you watch the planet green channel? i watch it all the time and LOVE it!


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