Friday, December 16, 2011

five friday faves: christmas list edition!

dear santa,

i've been extra good this year.  i'd list the reasons why, but who am i kidding?  you know already!  here's a few things i'm hoping to find in my stocking or under the tree this year!

vanessa christenson's book!  i've had this one on the list since she announced on her blog that it was available for preorder!

 an iPad case from the pleated poppy.  or, really, just anything from the pleated poppy's shop!  lindsay has such an eye for combining awesome fabrics together on her products, i love them all!

these penguin rain boots in black.  {i told you i was obsessed with penguins.}

this kick-a mug from the warner brother's shop.  i love harry potter!  i won't lie, i also have this awesome t-shirt on my list...and the newest dvd.

and this kneadlessly simple no-knead bread recipe book!

what's on YOUR list this christmas?

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