Thursday, September 10, 2009

blessings in disguise

do you ever just have things that make you uber happy for no explainable reason? they just happen and you don't even know you are grinning like a maniac?

for example, i know a lot of women love chocolate. i'm not one of them. WAIT!! hear me out! i LIKE chocolate, but i don't love it. i, personally, am not willing to give up calories on it. i'd rather have chinese food. or french fries...mMmMmMmmmm...french fries....

but i digress.

the point of my post is this; here are five random things that have made me totally and completely happy for no apparent reason whatsoever in the last couple of weeks.

5. k waking me up in the morning. i am NOT a morning person, but at least i have someone to wake me up now. nelson wasn't so great at it. he is kind of lazy, like his momma. :)
4. fall. anything and everything about it. totally my favorite season.
3. ksu football season. even if we suck, i still love it. ksu people really know how to throw a tailgate. and this, obviously, goes hand in hand with fall!
2. playing with my dogs. they love me unconditionally and are always there to cheer me up.
1. fitting into an old pair of pants that didn't fit three weeks ago, even though i haven't changed my diet at all. if anything it's been worse! roofing must be making me buff.

what makes YOU happy?

ps - main reason i don't LOVE chocolate: it gives me migraines when i have too much of it.

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  1. I'm feeing particularly pregnant today, which means food-oriented and sentimental. Things making me happy: salsa con queso - pancakes - french fries - pickes - little boys' plummer's cracks - spontaneous "I love you's" - THE WEEKEND!!!


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