Friday, February 13, 2009


oh my gosh. what a week! i don't even know where to's been that crazy.

monday was the only day i was able to carpool to work. tuesday i had a meeting over lunch and it was SO fun! we had a bunch of reps come in and talk to us about their stuff and i won a tulip plant! it's very pretty by my desk. wednesday i had an evening meeting at mort's. that's a cigar bar in old town. yuck. smoke everywhere. sick. i hate smokers. we were productive, however and it only lasted until 7:30, which is better than i thought it would. last night i had ANOTHER evening meeting out in goddard. we were talking about the finishes for the new high school, so that was a pretty quick meeting. they went with a blue, teal and yellow color scheme that is pretty frickin' sweet for a high school if you ask me. so sophisticated! i'm excited! and then today was just chock full of meetings and i have to try to get finish boards dnoe for goddard and we were printing out all our construction documents for a government project i was helping my boss with and then we had to stop EVERYTHING to meet with this client on a retail project. which is totally awesome, because we never get to do retail, they are usually super fun to design. i did some graphics for the guy and i think he was pretty impressed. YAY! [for those ksu football fans out there...i'm working with joe and jamie rheem's dad on this project!]

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  1. I don't think I knew you were working on plans for a new HS in Goddard! I didn't even know there WERE plans for a new one! How fun for you. Those colors sound great.


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