Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WIWWW {what i would wear wednesday}

FIRST OFF, before my posts get (even more) infrequent, i did want to warn everyone that i've been studying for a very important test and i have a feeling that my blog will be suffering.

who am i kidding, it's already suffering!  :)

this test is my licensee exam.  while i don't actually live in a state that requires an interior designer to be licensed, we do work all across the country and some states, as well as the federal government, do require it.  so, off to test i go!

in addition to my test, kyle and i will actually be moving into our new home (YAY!!) mid-octoberish, which will also put a damper on the ol' blog.  though i cannot WAIT to show you all pictures of the new place as well as some before and after projects we'll be doing to decorate it all up pretty like!


moving on...

i've been really horrible about taking pictures for WIWW lately.  honestly, i just can't get the motivation between studying at night and getting up early to run and quite frankly the HEAT just finally got to me.  BUT, this weekend, the HEAT BROKE!  HALLELUJAH!!  we're officially in fall!

fall is my favorite season, hands down!

in celebration of the cooler weather and the anticipation it brings along with it, i'm doing another edition of what i would wear wednesday to link up to the pleated poppy.

all images brought to you via pinterest and i would totally rock each and every one of these.  i can't wait for the holidays!

loving the belted skirts i've seen lately.

i NEED that shirt!  adorable!

the layered look looks so great with slim-fit pants and boots.

let's be honest...i'd need a longer shirt/dress to cover up the leggings.  i'm just being real here.

hello, comfort!  a cardi would make it work-on-friday-appropriate, but i'd love to wear it around the house any day of the week!

what are your favorite fall fashions for 2011?

pleated poppy


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