Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wiww 8 - skirt edition

i'm noticing a trend here...i'm only posting on days that i have alliteration titles.  weird.

i guess i like alliteration!

also, posts may become less frequent and i just signed up to take my licensure exam in the fall.  or, possibly, more frequently, as i tend to look towards anything else to avoid studying.

really, you should have seen how clean my apartment was in college.

moving on...

i'm linking up over at the pleated poppy for yet another WIWW!  and now, lindsay has a BUTTON!  i love buttons!

join in on the fun, you know you want to!

i'm calling this one "skirt edition" because i only caught two pictures and they happened to have skirts in them.  go figure.  don't worry, i threw in another photo...just for you guys!

ruffled tank - target
 cream cardi - super old, from the gap
skirt and shoes - both thrifted!  and new!
necklace - found at my grandma's house, she had awesome taste in jewelry.
 hello, gut!
shirt - kohls
necklace - ebay
skirt and heels - thrifted and new!  went shopping this week!  :)
wednesday night
and because i'm low on pictures and you know i like to keep it real, here's what i look like two seconds after i step into the house.  dead sexy...i know.
yoga pants - target
t-shirt - king's river marina, courtesy of my mom.  (hi, mom!)
flip flops - reef and bought with my deep discount from being on the KSU waterski team.  be jealous.

moral of the story, i like to be comfortable.

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pleated poppy


  1. I live in skirts, so most of my posts could be called the skirt edition.:) So fun to find another Cate/Catie with a "C"!!

  2. Hi dolly! I thought that I put a comment on here last night, but I must have hit the wrong keys as it isn't here. Sorry, but you got that "gotta be comfortable" thing from me.


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